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Stephenie Thompson

Female. Lives in Faison, North Carolina, United States. Born on August 9, 1973. Is married to Scot Thompson.
Angelzone Blogs
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I rededicated my life to God fully back in 2003 which since I have been walking strong with the Lord. I had been praying about what the Lord wanted me to do. Moses had his staff, Samson his strength and a jaw bone of a donkey and David had his sling. All I have is this paper and pen.Then I felt really inspired by the words, "That's all you need, give me what you have and I will bless and use them. So I dedicated my hand, pen and paper to the Lord and have been writing ever since. Angel Lester
Stephenie Thompson
Angel Lester
Sharon Kay Epperson
Multiple Sclerosis  Awareness
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I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2015 at 42 years old, and I wanted to start this page to bring a little awareness to MS. 
Stephenie Thompson
Bible Verses
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Hi everyone,  I am starting this Bible Verse group where we can share verses that have touched us during a sermon or a devotion, or just your favorite "go-to" verse's when you are feeling down.  Or when you are feeling happy or need an encouraging word you can come here. 
Stephenie Thompson
Bret Bolinger
Cherrae Burkett